Privacy and Security
Privacy Policy:
  1. We use cookies to facilitate your website page requests, home search or purchase. For example, when you set your price range it's stored in a small file on your web browser so you don't have to re-set your price range every time you request another page of listings. Whenever you delete your browser history, the cookie gets removed too.
  2. Your Information is held in strict confidence. We do not release your information to third parties for any reason other than to:
    1. Perform our contractural duties or tasks required to facilitate your purchase. For example. If you are in escrow, we have to supply escrow with a copy of the purchase contract.
    2. Comply with Federal or State Law.
Site Security:
  1. Our server utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security), a modern cryptographic protocol which establishes a private bidirectional tunnel between our server and your web browser. That prevents third parties from altering the content between our server and your web browser. And it provides a secure channel for passwords or transferrring documents.
  2. We require strong log in passwords which must include at least 6 characters, 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, 1 number and a special character @!#$%^&*_-
  3. Your password is held encrypted with triple DES key in our database.
  4. 2-Step Log In Verification restricts logging in to the IP address you came from when you registered.
  5. Your information including purchase contracts and escrow documents are stored in a secure database exclusively accessible by you and me (Robin Charles Glass).
  6. Password recovery sends email or text exclusively to your device (desktop computer, tablet or cellphone).